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August 13-18, 2001 - Production begins in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The cast and New York crew will be driving in on the 12th and staying at the location during the week of the shoot. Monday through Wednesday will be on-set rehearsals and camera blocking and Thursday through Saturday will be the actual shoot.

August 1, 2001 - The cast begins their first rehearsal. Sarah Gifford, as Emily, Keenan Henson, as Steve, and Derrick Thadani, as Emilio, will gather to read through the script and talk about the background of the characters.

March 17th, 2001 - Script reading for the film. Allison Mattera will be assembling a group of performers to do a dramatic reading of the screenplay. This will be the first chance to get a sense of the story flow and the overall timing. The cameras will be rolling and highlights of the reading will be available in the Media Room.

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