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Michigan native director/producer Andrew Seltz returns home to produce his first feature, Elevation Due West. Drawing on family and friends in the region, with a cast from his current home in New York city,  he is blurring the lines between stage and screen by shooting the entire movie in realtime.

Elevation Due West is an unblinking look into a pivitol moment in the lives of a brother and sister who really need each other. 5 years earlier, Steve left his boyhood home and kid sister Emily to study architecture in New York. This to the dismay of his father who had different plans. Steve cut himself off from his family and started a new life... until today. He knows something's wrong with his sister and he's decided to ride back into town and rescue her from her unhappy home. If only life were that simple.

Writer Brian PJ Cronin was asked to imagine a play being performed in a real house for an audience of one who follows the players as they move. The only limitation on his imagination was that the camera could not be turned off or jump from one room to another. With that in mind he conceived the story.

Starring Sarah Gifford as Emily, Keenan Henson as Steve, Derrick Thadani as Nick and featuring Jon Gentry as Joe, this movie is sure to be entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking on many levels.


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